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Food Bag Packaging Design

Graphic Solutions for Business, Inc. is a marketing communications agency specializing in packaging design, POP/POS materials, company identities, and collateral material.

Our designs are created from an informed imagination. We conduct knowledge-based research to reach our goal of getting our clients noticed and influencing a positive action for their success.

Our talented staff and structured production process provide attentive and efficient support in a variety of services that include design, photography, and LINX Premedia.

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Product Positioning in 5 Easy Steps

chess-king-smallAt least once a year you should pull out your products’ positioning statement and read it and test it to see if it still applies today. New products are always sprouting up on the shelf and categories are expanding, all with the intent of diminishing your market share. What held true for your products’ positioning in the market last year may not be the same for your target audience today for a number of reasons. The goal is to stay top of mind with your target audience.The following article, Product positioning in Five Easy Steps, is from On The Mark Marketing. It’s a concise easy to follow guide that you can use to test your products positioning.

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